The Nurturing Domme: Tiny But Takes Up Every Inch Of Your Mind

Goddess Kink Pixie, or Goddess, as she prefers to be addressed, has been a lifestyle Dominatrix for over nine years. Her nurturing Domme style appeals to submissives who crave a sweet, tender playfulness combined with a rigid domination style that leaves them weak and pliable to her will.

Though often mistaken for the innocent girl next door, she is a thoughtful and authoritarian task master who expects the best from all pets she deems worthy of her smile.

Those who seek submission beneath her curvaceous, 4’9 stature must anticipate quenching Goddess’s craving for cash before she will frolic among the depths of your mind.

What Can You Expect From A Nurturing Domme?

  • Encouragement
  • Kindness
  • A Solid Foundation of Consent
  • Break Free from Fear and Shame Surrounding Submission
  • Find Strength in A Natural State
  • A Keen Disciplinarian
  • A Lover of Total Power Exchange
  • Sadism

Above all, you will expect to submit fully to her will on her terms, completely at all times. Some tasks or scenes may not always be sexual in nature, though will always be focused to each unique pet and their individual submissive self-betterment to better serve Goddess.

What Can You Expect From Goddess Kink Pixie During Play?

Goddess only practices within the boundaries of SSC and RACK, unable to play, accept submission, or own anyone who doesn’t support:

  • The use of safe words
  • Complete, clear, communicated consent, and hard and soft limits.
  • While some of these boundaries may be set during an evolving relationship or within play, any submissive must understand consent and have boundaries set prior to approaching Goddess Kink Pixie.

Hard Limits:

  • Racial and religious play
  • Needles
  • Scat
  • Blood play
  • Nudity (on Goddess’s part)
  • Involving minors or anyone who has not given informed consent
  • Wife humiliation, blackmail, and intense humiliation
  • These are non-negotiable

Though a small woman in stature, Goddess Kink Pixie will take over every inch of your mind.

Let the games begin, My sweet one…

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