One-on-One Sessions:

Sessions are available over KiK, Twitter DM, SextPanther, NiteFlirt, or email between you and Goddess. They are catered to Goddess’s whims, as well as your personal fetishes and how they match up with mine. Please see Goddess’s hard limits before initiating any contact with Goddess.

  • Each one-on-one session has a 10 min. minimum
  • Each session will include Goddess’s complete and undivided attention
  • Each session can be customized from a kink-related session, to Domme advice, to a mixture of Goddess being a kinky life couch and all thee above, or merely a friend to talk too.
  • Each session is personalized, built on a foundation of trust and companionship
  • Each session will not include anything degrading, humiliating, or forced unless full consent is given and that appeals to the submissive’s needs for the session.

Prior to a session, submissives will be asked to fill out an application depicting basic information, safe word, and hard and soft limits as well as kinks, etc. For the best experience, Goddess recommends that you schedule 24-hrs in advance of a session, so that both parties can be mentally prepared, engaged, and ready to play.

For Text Only: $.69 per min
For Text and Pictures/Audio: $2.50 per min
For Text and Videos: $3.50 per min
For Email: $20 per email of considerable length